Monday, September 29, 2014

Long time no see!

Well it's been a million years since i have written here. i had been wanting to do some posting, but a lot has been going on in SL and RL. Sooo, on with it.

The past few days i have been working on a new building for my store @ irrie's Dollhouse, and i was doing my usual trying to rez a platform to the sky to build on. Despite having my awesome MystiTool hud which i couldn't live without, i often just throw down a huge prim slab and place a box on it to sit on, link the two, then elevate myself to the clouds. However, i find that often i can't sit on the box right away ... sometimes it works first try, but yesterday was one of those days where the prim just kept telling me "no room to sit." Even when i unlink the box from the platform, i'm still unable to sit on it ... grrr. Totally insignificant event, but was wondering if anyone else encounters this issue and why it might be. Also wonder how other creators out there go about building, do you rez platforms on the fly or do you have one go to spot that is always there? Ramble rambles. :)