Thursday, October 2, 2014

Marketplace Madness

So i was just sitting here trying to find something in my MP favorites list ... wrong. The more items I favorite, the harder it becomes to locate something specific later on. I couldn't just go and look for the item, this all made me realize I had to start sorting through everything, going through each page one slow click at a time. Some of the items weren't even listed on MP anymore, and others I would have no interest in or use for now. Sculpted items, for example ... I guess ever since the mesh bug bit me, I haven't wanted to look back to the days of sculpt maps and higher land impacts. Though, I must say that some sculpt creations that I run into from time to time still look amazing.

One thing i really wish they would change on the MP is somehow making it less time-consuming to sort through the items you Favorite. i noticed a few times over the years that the order of my items as added seemed to change. There was a point when i couldn't find things i had saved 5 minutes prior because it was thrown onto the list in some random position, often tons of pages before the end of the list. I wish there was a better browsing system like the main search features ... filters or something that allow us to sort through & narrow down which items we have to weed through while we are on a mission to find something specific. I had over 100 pages of Favorites, and now hours later, I have about 50. I really could be using this time to do something more creative, but if I didn't take the time to tackle that list now, it would only keep growing ... daily.

So, i did think of one thing i can do to try to keep my list from getting so out of hand - stop adding purchases that are under a certain price, such as 50 or 100L, and just throw them in the cart and purchase them on the spot, or don't add them. It is silly to have pages of items that are under 100L taking up space in a list that should mostly be things that truly should not be impulse buys or are hard to decide on in the moment. Well, happy MP shopping. :)

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